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Apple in the Middle by Dawn Quigley Test
test for Apple in the Middle
Apple in the Middle essay Test
Apple in the Middle by Dawn Quigley Test / Assessment

Apple in the Middle: Test 1, Prologue through Ch 17

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Test 1 for Apple in the Middle by Dawn Quigley.
Prologue through Ch 17

> Pages 1-136 (Prologue-Ch 17)
> Key
> 30 questions
  • 21 Multiple choice
  • 7 True/false
  • 2 Short response
Example Questions
> In June, what does Apple get that she never had before?
(A) a best friend
(B) to ask questions about her mother
(C) to be part of something
(D) A, B, & C
> What does Apple’s Native family do that her father’s family never does?
(A) make jokes
(B) hang pictures in the house
(C) talk casually about Apple’s mom
(D) have barbecues
> What does Ed hope Apple will do while in North Dakota?
(A) learn how to bead
(B) make some friends
(C) visit her mother’s grave
(D) A, B, & C
> Apple has a phobia about….
(A) ghosts
(B) the football players
(C) cemeteries
(D) A & B
> What are three ways is the non-Native/white culture different from reservation/Michif culture in the novel? Three sentences minimum.

<>Resources designed for students slightly below grade levels. Perfect modified or alternative resources for special education or below-level learners. Novel workbook comprehension questions are not all higher order thinking (a few are); they are roughly 7-8th grade level.

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