OCTOBER: Zombie figurative language resource is FREE w/ any $30 order!


How do I get the products I just bought?
Immediately after purchase an email is sent to the email address you provide upon purchase. Follow the link in the email to download then product.

Are you cheaper than TeachersPayTeachers?
Yep. We sell all our products on TeachersPayTeachers, but they are cheaper on ELAHwy.com!

Can I order specific resources? Can you do "rush" orders?
Sometimes we can, yes.  Shoot us an email at info@ELAHwy.com.

Why should I sign up for the newsletter, or follow you on Facebook?
The newsletter always has coupon codes or deals which are otherwise not advertised. It is sent out 2-4 times a year. 
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A colleague has a nice coffee mug from you. Can I get one?
We send a great mugsto anyone who spends $100. They're durable, black interior, with a thick handle. (Make sure you enter a correct street address when checking out.)

Can I download the resource I purchased more than once?