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How do I actually get the product I just bought?
Immediately after purchase an email is sent to the customer. Follow the link provided in the email to download the product.
Occasionally customers enter their email address incorrectly or do not provide one at all. If you don't receive an email within five minutes of your purchase, just shoot us an email, it's a quick fix! info@ELAHwy.com

Are you cheaper than TeachersPayTeachers?
Yep. We sell all our products on TeachersPayTeachers but - they are cheaper on ELAHwy.com!

Why should I sign up for the newsletter, or follow you on Facebook?
The newsletter often has coupon codes or deals which are otherwise not available. It is sent out 2-4 times a year. 
On Facebook, ELAHwy announces sales that can last for limited amounts of time.