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Terms of Service

If you purchase a product, the Seller does not permits you to:

  • Provide the product to any other individual without purchase of an additional identical product.
  • You may not reallocate the product from one user to another or share the product with additional users unless you purchase an additional identical product.

If you purchase a product, the Seller permits you to:

  • Use the Resource for personal, educational, and instructional use only. This means you can use products for your own personal purposes, for your individual study, and to teach your students.
  • Print and make copies of downloadable Resources as necessary for Personal Use. Copies may be made and provided to your students, classroom aides, and substitute teachers as necessary. Copies may also be made for students’ parents, classroom observers, supervisors, or school administrators for review purposes only. Hard goods and video resources may not be copied, shared, or otherwise reproduced.

Unless otherwise expressly permitted by the Seller:

  • You may not use the product, in part or in whole, for commercial purposes. This means you can’t sell it, use it for advertising or marketing purposes, or use it in any way in connection with a business or profit making activity.
  • You may not post or otherwise make the product available on any website.
  • You may not share, send, sell, sub-license, or transfer the product to someone else for their own personal use.
  • Each product is for use by one specific educator only.