Terms of Service

Seller does not permit Buyer to:

  • share the product with any other individual without the purchase of a second identical product
  • photocopy the product with the intention of sharing it with anyone other than buyer's students

Seller does permits Buyer to:

  • use the resource for educational and instructional purposes with Buyer's students only
  • print and copy purchased resources for use with Buyer's students, classroom aides, and substitute teachers as necessary

Unless otherwise expressly permitted by the Seller:

  • Buyer may not use the product, in part or in whole, for commercial purposes. This means Buyer can not sell the product, use it for advertising or marketing purposes, or use it in any way in connection with a business for profit making.
  • Buyer may not post or otherwise make the product available online.
  • Buyer may not share, send, sell, sub-license, or transfer the product to anyone else.
  • Each product is for use by Buyer only.



  • ELAHwy does not provide refunds except in very special instances. We provide store credit if an un-resolvable dispute occurs and only if the resource has not been downloaded.