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Apple in the Middle by Dawn Quigley: Test / assessment

Apple in the Middle: Test 2, Ch 18 through Epilogue

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Test 2 for Apple in the Middle by Dawn Quigley.
Ch 18 through Epilogue

> Pages 137-231 (Ch 18-Epilogue)
> Key
> 30 questions
  • 21 Multiple choice
  • 7 True/false
  • 2 Short response

Example Questions
> Who is the last person on the reservation that Apple speaks to?
(A) Rafe
(B) grandmother
(C) Aunt Auber
(D) Karl
> What is the purpose of Apple’s gift?
(A) to guide her in her life
(B) to keep her safe
(C) to help others
(D) to grow spiritually
> When does Apple’s Minnesota family go to the reservation?
(A) after the run-in with Rafe
(B) when summer break is over
(C) when Nezzie dies
(D) when grandfather needs a break from Apple
> There is no work for ‘goodbye’ in Ojibwe (T/F)
> What is different about Apple’s school experiences when she returns? Three sentences minimum.

<>Resources are designed for students slightly below grade level. Perfect modified or alternative resource for below-level learners. Workbook questions are sometimes reflective/no wrong answer style to encourage independent thinking & interpretation. Workbook questions are not all higher order thinking. Roughly 7-8th grade.

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