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Introduction Paragraphs: Power Point Lesson
Introduction Paragraphs: Power Point Lesson
Teaching Introduction Paragraphs
Example of improving introduction paragraphs
Introduction Paragraphs
Introduction Paragraphs
Introduction Paragraphs
4/4 star review
4/4 star review
4/4 star review
4/4 star review

Introduction Paragraphs: Power Point Presentation

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A must for secondary ELA teachers!
43 slides, sound and motion effects throughout


Walks students through the following central ideas, then goes into detail about each:
>Purposes of an introduction
>Parts of an introduction (thesis, supporting topics, hook, restatement of thesis)
>Hooks (what are they, examples of)
>Among others, it answers the following essential questions:
    -Why should you practice writing introductions?
    -What is the purpose of an introduction?
    -How can an introduction help the reader?
    -How can an introduction help the writer?
    -How do you begin to write an introduction paragraph? What should it include?

>Includes many of example intros with step by step improvements. These examples are designed to be interactive, with students answering questions on the slides as you go.
>Includes metaphors with loads of details and examples to reinforce value of intro ("Your introduction is a map for the rest of your paper.").

>Best for grades 7-8, or, below-level 9th-12th grade.
>There is a worksheet to go along with this presentation listed separately as "Introduction Paragraphs: Power Point Presentation Worksheet/Assessment." However, the presentation does not require the worksheet. It is useful as an assessment as well as a general worksheet to fill out as you go through the presentation.
>Quotations reference page at end

>>>>NOTE: There is no password -- after downloading, click on "read only" and it will open.

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