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Rough Drafting an Essay practice

Rough Drafting an Essay, Color-Coded Practice


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A rough draft essay model to practice rough drafting.
This is a beginner's guide to outlining essays for struggling or beginning writers. A practice worksheet.
Great for students to use until they get the gist of standard five paragraph essay layouts.
-Appropriate for middle school, or, high schoolers below grade level
Color-coding helps distinguish the different parts of an essay. Color-coding is great for struggling students.
This is a modified worksheet - modified assignment for Sped students (but good for all students).
Your SpEd department will like this very much ;-)
The activity here is, using the intro as a guide, students write body paragraphs and a conclusion.
A great whole class activity with the worksheet projected on the whiteboard/wall as well as provided to students.
The introduction paragraph is completed. (The topic is leadership. There are two possible sentences plugged in for each line.)
The following abbreviations are used in the doc:
THS = Thesis Sentence/Statement
SD = Supporting Detail
TS = Topic Sentence
When students write rough draft outlines of their own, using these abbreviations can be very helpful until they are ready to write a rough draft.
Giving every student a laminated copy of this to keep in writing folders is a suggestion.
Essay Power Points: