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Come On In: Workbook for “Where I'm From” by Misa Sugiura

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Workbook for “Where I'm From” by Misa Sugiura
A short story from
Come On In: 15 Stories About Immigration and Finding Home

Pgs. 1-2: Reading comprehension questions (short response). Sketching activities.
Pgs. 3-5: Written response, extended response, and sketching.
Pg. 6: True/False & vocabulary activity
Pg. 7: Informational- race, ethnicity, culture, nationality. Self-reflection response activity.
Pg. 8: Plot graphic organizer
Pg. 9: Character graphic organizer
Pg. 10: Story review form
Pg. 11: Key

> 30 reading comprehension questions
> Three types of questions:
  • Short Response (complete sentences not required)
  • Complete Response (complete sentences required)
  • True/False
> Extended response question has two topics to select from. Each has warm-up questions to get students' ideas 'rolling.'
> Depending on how many of the included resources you use, this mini-workbook can take 2-5 days. For example, the basic reading comprehension questions will take 1 to 1-1/2 periods. While use of the extended response question can add 1-3 days, depending on length required by the teacher.
("Seven sentence minimum" is stated, but of course that can be changed by the teacher.

> Some questions are 'no wrong answer' or sketch style responses - to encourage independent thinking and creative engagement.
> Story review form is a career-long reusable (can be reused with no changes for stories, books, film, and epic poetry).
> Character graphic organizer is specific to the story, not generic.

> The identity informational page (7) can be used as a starting point for a variety of self-reflection activities, or, to deep dive into characters from novels in which race, culture, ethnicity, or nationality are a theme. In this way, the informational page is a reusable.

> Themes: finding one's identity, self-reflection, self-acceptance
    <>Resources are designed for struggling learners. Perfect modified resources for special education or below-level learners. Workbook questions are not all higher order thinking (a few are); they are roughly 7-8th grade level. The extended response/essay activity is roughly 8-9th grade.

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