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Vocabulary: Graphic Organizer/Word Study

Vocabulary: Graphic Organizer/Word Study

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One page graphic organizer designed for close-study of vocabulary words.

-Designed for a single word (per page)
-Enumerated 10 steps to follow, with clearly written instructions
-Steps includes: guess at the meaning, synonym, word scramble, connotation, denotation, draw a picture, etc.
-Appropriate for grades 5-9ish
-An excellent SpEd modification for vocabulary work
-Perfect for the sub folder
-Appropriate for any content area


-The activities are not particularly low, but it is very clearly written with simple steps and examples, making it great for struggling students.

-Fun Idea: Complete a single page as a group, 3-hole punch them, and put them in a spiral binder for your student reference library or a 'classroom dictionary'.

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