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My Name is Mina and I Love the Night by David Almond Workbook Cover page
My Name is Mina and I Love the Night by David Almond chapter questions
My Name is Mina and I Love the Night by David Almond crossword
My Name is Mina and I Love the Night by David Almond novel questions

My Name is Mina and I Love the Night by David Almond: Novel Workbook

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My Name is Mina and I Love the Night by David Almond - Novel Workbook

> Reading comprehension questions for every chapter
> 86 questions total
> 20 pages, last 3 are answer key
> Directions: "Answer the questions in this workbook with complete sentences. However, complete sentences not required if question has an asterisk (*)."
> Most are short answer, requiring a "two complete sentences" response
> About 1/5 are very short answer
> About 1/5 require longer responses (3-10 sentence)
> Small number of other question types; lists, yes/no, creative writing activities
> About 44% of questions are open ended (no incorrect response), or, open to a variety of correct answers (answer will vary). This is to encourage independent interpretations and independent thinking.

> Lines for responses included - no additional lined paper required - except for the "EXTRAORDINARY ACTIVITIES," see below.
> Directions make expectations clear for response length
> Various levels of thinking required
> 2 crosswords: 1. halfway  2. end
> Last 3 pages are answer key

> The novel has 17 "EXTRAORDINARY ACTIVITIES." This packet includes all of them. The directions state: "Throughout the novel and this packet, there are “EXTRAORDINARY ACTIVITIES." You must complete FIVE of these activities and attach them to this packet prior to handing it in. You select which five EXTRAORDINARY ACTIVITIES you want to complete."
> For example: "EXTRAORDINARY ACTIVITY 2: On page 73, Mina provides an EXTRAORDINARY ACTIVITY. Do the activity when the opportunity presents itself, then, write about the experience. Your response should be at least 1⁄2 page long. Title your work “Extraordinary Activity 2." When finished, attach it to this packet."

Example Questions:
-Based on the title, the cover images, and font style, make three inferences about the novel. For example, your inferences might be about characters, mood, action, or settings in the novel.
-What definition of the word ‘mad’ is being used?
-What are three of the reasons Mina states to show that “we might be in heaven” right now?
-Why do you think Mina tried to put “them” all out of her mind? Consider her behavior & interactions with others when she was in school and speculate what school life might have been like for Mina.
-Do you think ordinary things can be extraordinary?
-What are two things that Mina thinks or wonders about souls?
-Why is Mina banging on the ground? Explain.
-Why do you think Mina wrote Glibbertysnark instead of an expected response?
-Take a few minutes to study Mina’s concrete poem on page 182. Share three observations or thoughts.

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