Grade Tacking Form: Self-Assessment Tool

Grade Tracking Form: Self-Assessment Tool

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An invaluable classroom tool, whether is used monthly or weekly.

-Appropriate for grades 7+
-Generic: Can be used for any grade level, any class subject.

-This is a self-assessment tool for students to track their current grade, as well as set goals, and monitor their progress. Using the worksheet, students will record grades, mark pre-filled boxes as to why their grade is what it is, and, state their target grade. For students who are at-risk, such self-assessments are particularly valuable.

-Suggested use:
Weekly, give each student a progress report/current grade. Use the Grade Tracking Form to enter grade data for that date. It is suggested that the teacher keep a Grade Tracking Forms on the wall and every time it is filled it out - write the date on it. This way students always know how many entries they should have. Teachers can also have students turn the forms in at the end of the semester for points.

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