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Fresh Ink: Workbook for "Why I Learned to Cook" by Sara Farizan

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No-prep workbook for "Why I Learned to Cook" by Sara Farizan.
A short story from Fresh Ink: An Anthology.

Pgs. 1-2: Reading comprehension questions & vocabulary
Pgs. 3-6: Graphic organizers
Pg. 7: Story Review Form
Pg. 8: Key

> 21 reading comprehension questions
> Three types of questions:
  • Short Response (complete sentences not required)
  • Complete Response (complete sentences required)
  • True/False
> "Complete Response" questions are great for discussion as they're often
reflective/no wrong answer style to encourage independent thinking and interpretation.
> Three of the four graphic organizers are customized to the story. Not generic. Includes example entry.

> Story review form can be used for any book, story, or epic poem. A career-long resource.

> Heartwarming story of a teen's close relationship with her grandmother, young love, and coming out.

<>All resources are designed for struggling learners. Perfect modified or alternative resource for special education or below-level learners. Reading comprehension questions are not all higher order thinking. Reflection questions encourage independent thinking - great for discussion. Roughly 8th grade level.