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 Fresh Ink: "One Voice: A Something In-Between Story" by Melissa de la Cruz
One Voice: A Something In-Between Story
short stories about racial inequality for middle school
short stories short stories with philippino characters for middle school

Fresh Ink: Workbook for "One Voice: A Something In-Between Story"

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Workbook for "One Voice: A Something In-Between Story" by Melissa de la Cruz.
A short story from Fresh Ink: An Anthology.

Pgs. 1-3: Reading comprehension questions & vocabulary exercise
Pg. 4: Character graphic organizer
Pg. 5: Plot graphic organizer
Pg. 6: Story Review Form
Pg. 7: Key

>30 reading comprehension questions
Three types of questions:
  • Short Response (complete sentences not required)
  • Complete Response (complete sentences required)
  • True/False
>Some questions are 'no wrong answer' or sketch style responses - to encourage independent thinking and creative engagement.

>Story review form is a career-long reusable (can be reused with no changes for stories, books, film, and epic poetry).
>Character graphic organizer is specific to the story, not generic.

>Themes: Standing up for beliefs despite the risks, racism, finding one’s voice

*This is a great short story of a young Filipino woman standing up and speaking her truth, despite the trouble it may bring.
Interestingly, the story can also be used as a last chapter of Melissa de la Cruz's novel Something in Between.
    <>Resources are designed for struggling learners. Perfect modified resource for special education or below-level learners. Workbook questions are not all higher order thinking (a few are); they are roughly 7-8th grade level.