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Rough Drafting an Essay practice worksheet reluctant writer essay lesson essay mini-lesson

Rough Drafting an Essay, Color-Coded Practice (SpEd modified)

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Organization & Rough Drafting Practice

>A guide for struggling, beginner, or mid-level essay writers.
>A practice or re-fresher activity.
>Great for use until students get the gist of standard five paragraph essay layouts.
>Using the introduction paragraph provided as a guide, students write body paragraphs and a conclusion.
>There are two possible sentences plugged in for each line.

>Most appropriate for middle school, or, struggling high schoolers.
Modified for SpEd
>Color-coding helps distinguish the different components of an essay
>Excellent for struggling students
>A modified activity - but great for all students
>SpEd departments will love this.
>The use of color to aid learning is very valuable to struggling students.
>Color coding, terminology coding, visually arranged with shapes.

Whole Class or Independent Activity
>Great whole class activity with the document projected on the whiteboard/wall as well - in addition to providing students a hard copy.
>Students can work independently as well. Still, projecting projecting the doc on the whiteboard/wall is a useful guide while they work.

>GREAT for test prep
>A career-long resource
The following abbreviations are used in the doc:
THS = Thesis Sentence/Statement
SD = Supporting Detail
TS = Topic Sentence
>When rough drafting outlines, using these abbreviations can be useful until students are ready to write a final draft.

>TIP: Provide every student a laminated copy of this to keep in writing folders.
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