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Conclusion Paragraphs: Practice
Conclusion Paragraphs: Practice
Conclusion Paragraphs: Practice

Conclusion Paragraphs: Practice with 4 essays. Great for beginners, review, and sub folder.

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This seven page document has four separate assignments in it. Each contains a five paragraph essay - but none have conclusions. Student task is to write a conclusion for each essay.

>Appropriate for grades 6-8 if students are roughly at grade level in writing skills.

>In the first essay, the thesis is underlined, in the introduction, for the student. The three subsequent essays ask the student to locate and circle the thesis.
>The first two essays have titles, the 3rd and 4th essays do not and ask the student to create a title.
>One essay is a student written essay (grade 7).

>There are a few other tasks asked of the student in some of the essays (such as underline topic sentences).
>Keys provided, when applicable.
>Great for the sub folder if students already know the basics of essay writing.
>One a day for four consecutive days provides good practice at this tough task.

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