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The Trap by John Smelcer: Workbook & Test
The Trap by John Smelcer: Workbook & Test
The Trap by John Smelcer: Workbook & Test
The Trap by John Smelcer: Workbook & Test

The Trap by John Smelcer: Workbook & Test Bundled


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This product is both The Trap Workbook and The Trap Novel Test bundled into one pdf document. 16 pgs. On ELAHwy, buying these two items bundled rather than separately is a $2 savings


-11 pages (including cover)
-Questions: 4-9 questions for each chapter
-Question styles vary: fill-in-the-blank, short response, full response, and a few asking students to sketch a scene
-Vocabulary practice:  2-5 words per chapter
-Answer key on last 3 pages
-Images scattered throughout

This workbook was made for below grade level freshmen. Questions are not high order; they are basic reading comprehension. Many are wh- questions (who, what, when, etc). It is an organized workbook with page numbers for each chapter, and, vocabulary words for each chapter. Each vocab section has space for images - for students to draw an image to connect with the definition (increases retention).

Example Questions:
Ch. 3: No one would be coming around his trap lines. Why not?
Ch. 4: What has Johnny done that shows he is nervous or worried?
Ch. 5: What woke the old man from his nap?
Ch. 6: Through whose point of view is this chapter?
Ch. 7: A lone wolf is ___________ but a pack of hungry wolves is ___________.
Ch. 9: When extremities start to freeze, to where does blood migrate?

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-26 questions
-Multiple choice, true/false, one short answer
-Covers entire novel
-Answer key on pg. 4
-Level of questions is roughly grade 6-7

Example Questions:
What instrument does Johnny and Albert play?
What is the young man’s name?
Who brings water to the old woman’s cabin?

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The Trap, was an American Library Association BBYA Top Ten Pick, a VOYA Top Shelf Selection, and a New York Public Library Notable Book


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