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The Night Wanderer: End of Novel Writing Assignment
The Night Wanderer: End of Novel Essay

The Night Wanderer: End of Novel Essay


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This writing assignment is a great way to end the novel The Night Wanderer: A Native Gothic Novel

<>There are blank spaces for the teacher to write in some expectations (see below).
<>Four essay topics for students select from:
  • Parent-Teen Conflict
  • Supernatural
  • Native Issues
  • Characters

<>Each essay topic is followed by a paragraph full of ideas and/or questions to stimulate student brainstorming - to get their ideas 'rolling'.

<>Vocabulary used is about grade 8-9.

-This is a detailed and thorough assignment description that can be adjusted to any length. It fully depends on the requirements and any additional expectations determined by the teacher.
-The assignment length can range from a single paragraph response to a formal multi-paragraph essay. Again, it fully depends on the requirements and any additional expectations  determined by the teacher.

Page 2: Provides the six traits of writing & detailed explanation of each.

Expectations exactly as stated in the assignment:

General Expectations and Requirements:
(1) A thorough and thoughtful response to each question
(2) Organized and clear* explanation of your thoughts
(3) Adequate and appropriate examples from the text to support your ideas/opinions
*An ”organized and clear” explanation means

(1) your paragraph/s have a topic sentence followed by sentences which stick to the topic.
(2) your paragraph/s have a beginning, middle, and end.

Formatting Expectations:
(1) Proper referencing/citation of quotes and paraphrasing - this means
(2) Titled, numbered pages, and single spacing in final draft
(3) Margins of no more than 1”, if typed
(4) Minimum length for each response: ___________________
(5) Maximum length for each response: ___________________


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