Comma Usage Presentation
Comma Usage Presentation, commas in a series
Comma Usage Presentation, commas splice error
Comma Usage Presentation, comma splices
Comma Usage Presentation, direct address
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Comma Usage Presentation: Practice questions embedded after each rule


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-Explains seven of the most common comma rules
-Appropriate as review for any grade, but designed for grades 6-10
-47 slides
-53 questions scattered throughout for students to answer as you move through the PowerPoint.
-Answer key on last two slides
-Examples of each rule followed by practice questions to keep students actively engaged
-Covers comma splices, so conjunctions are covered as well as they are one of three ways to correct comma splice errors
-Last seven questions have sentence corrections which mix up the comma rules presented
-Covers areas such as lists, splices, dialogue, direct address, and more
-Comma usage is not very exciting, but kids will be on task with this because of the examples and practice questions presented directly after each new rule
-Duration will vary by student ability levels, but roughly a 2 day activity
-Lots of images throughout to entertain and engage


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