Rubric: Six Traits Based

Rubric: Based on Six Traits of Writing - For Teacher or Peer Grading

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Basic Six Traits of Writing rubric

Can be used by teacher, student, peers, or all three.
Can be used for rough drafts, finals, or both.

Peer Assessment
>Great for teaching students how to revise their work based on input - without the pressure coming from the teacher. 
>Takes some of the load off of the teacher when the work has been peer graded and revised before it lands on the teacher's desk.
>Peers are great at being honest - with this rubric teachers can use that to their advantage!

Self Assessment
>Before the teacher or peer uses the rubric, students can assess their own writing first. To be followed by edits based on their self-assessments.

Teacher Assessment
>Can be the only -or second, third, fourth- time the rubric is used on a single writing assignment.
>Can be used with any type of writing. Probably most useful during rough drafting & and revising stages of non-fiction essay writing.

>Can be used:
  • more than once during the course of a single essay
  • throughout the school year
  • throughout a teaching career
>Encourages students to ask peers to review their work - even when a peer grading requirement is not at stake.
>Teaches critical thinking by showing them how to review a peer's paper in a way that results in useful feedback.
>Section with "Notes to the writer" encourages peer feedback.
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