Rubric: Six Traits Based

Rubric: Six Traits Based Peer Editing


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A Six Traits of Writing peer editing rubric. Requires peer reviewing, and, student identification of the six traits. Excellent for teaching students how to revise their work based on peer feedback (taking some of the load off of the teacher). It can also be used as a self-assessment tool.
The rubric gives students precise feedback for revising - and the teacher doesn't have to do a thing after initially walking the students through how to use it.
Peers are great at being honest - with this rubric teachers can use that to their advantage!
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>Can be used with any type of writing. Probably most useful during rough drafting & and revising stages of non-fiction essay writing.
>You will likely use it over and over throughout the year, and even during the course of a single essay. It is useful to use during both the rough drafting & and revising stages.
>Encourages students to ask peers to 'look at' (give feedback about) their work - even when a peer grading requirement is not at stake.
>Section with "Notes to the writer" to encourage peer feedback unrelated to the six traits.
>Not a points based rubric, but very easily altered to be so.
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