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Tardy Tracking Form: Modifiable Word Document

Tardy Tracking Form: Modifiable Word Document


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For students who struggle with timeliness and need to be held accountable. (Okay, we mean the ones who seriously struggle!)

-This one page Word document is designed for the student to carry from class to class, and for each teacher mark as on-time or late. Positive consequences of a week of completed signings and on-time arrivals are left to whoever is managing the form's distribution and collection.

-Because this is a Word document, it is easily modified to fit the individual student's schedule (number of classes per day/week, etc.).

-You might use this with students in you homeroom/advisory, or pass it along to head teachers, SpEd coordinators, or admin.

-It is suggested that a week worth of classes be printed on one page, that the students be given the doc on Monday and be responsible for using it all week, and printed on color paper for easier recognition by the student.

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