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basic five paragraph essay example, rough drafting an essay
basic five paragraph essay example, color coded
4/4 star feedback
Color-Coded, Basic Essays
4/4 star feedback

5 Paragraph Essays: 4 Examples, Color-Coded, Basic Essays Outlined, SpEd Modified


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An invaluable resource for beginning or struggling essay writers, or SpEd students - and their teachers. Special education teachers will love this guide/handout/example document! Perfect as a modified mini-lesson.

-4 example essays
-4 pages
-Outlines for each essay (the recipe layout) 
-All essays and corresponding outlines are color-coded
-The outlines work for any standard research/expository essay. Helps students see clearly where the following belong:
   *thesis sentence
   *topic sentences (underlined)
   *closing sentences
   *detail sentences

-Shows students the pattern of an outline embedded in an actual essay (the color-coding makes this easy)
-This document will be wonderful in helping struggling students understand how the organization of an essay is done
-Appropriate for middle school, or, high schoolers below grade level


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